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Before jumping in to the application below, check out these frequently asked questions. We want to make sure you understand what you're signing up for

You’ve probably worked for other companies and know what it’s like to not be appreciated:

    • We respect you as a cleaning professional, and make it a priority to recognize you when you go above and beyond or deal with a challenging situation
    • We pay way above any franchise in the area
    • We have been in business over 3 years and have cleaned over 2,000 homes in the area, we know how to deal with a lot of challenging situations and have systems in place so you don’t have to deal with typical headaches you’ve probably experienced before
    • We get to know you, the real you, now just as a cleaner, but we understand that you have dreams and family to support. We want to be there for you along your journey and support you how we can. We’ve previously given college scholarships for kids, or taught cleaners how to run a business or get certified in a different industry

Cleaning can be hard work, but we try to make it the easiest job you’ve ever had, and to make that a success, we look for people who:

    • Communicate well. Whether you’re running late to an appointment, having a challenge at a client, or just finished a house, we need a quick text so we know how the day is running
    • Can follow the rules. We have certain systems in place to protect you from bad reviews and for your physical safety.
    • Puts the client first. We all succeed and can grow as a team when everyone does their best to create an amazing client experience. That said, we understand some clients are challenging, and we 100% have your back in tough scenarios. Client first means taking pride in your work, writing thank you notes, having genuine conversations with the client while cleaning, and doing the right thing
    • Finally, we like cleaners who don’t need hand holding, and can manage most situations by themselves, whether it be a tough stain or tough client

We do direct deposit every Thursday morning for the work you did the week prior. As an independent contractor we do not take out any taxes

We absolutely do if you are interested in working for us as an employee. We have healthcare, dental, disability and 401K options

While we do have a strong network of experienced cleaners who can give you advice, we expect that you are resourceful enough to look up cleaning checklists, supply lists, and research speed cleaning best practices to be self sufficient before you start

We start as early at 7:45AM, with most houses starting at 9:00AM. We typically do not start cleaning any houses after 4:00PM unless it is a special project. So if you’re only looking to clean houses after your day job, which typically ends at 5:00PM, you can still work with us if you’re open to cleaning on weekend morning/early afternoon

It averages out to be $60 – $120 per appointment. It can be as low as $50 for a very quick appointment, or up to $325 for a special project

Experienced Cleaning Associate Application
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