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House Cleaning With Your Kids

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Cleanliness has always been an integral part of our daily lives. It’s not a responsibility but it should come naturally to keep ourselves healthy. And especially since the Covid-19 pandemic happened (although we still are), we learned how cleanliness is important to us the hard way.

In this blog, we will share with you how you can keep your house clean and teach your kids its importance.

Children Love to Make a Mess, But Cleaning?

The statement might be quite strong for many but in general, this is a fact. Probably due to their age, they still get overly excited when playing which leads to creating a mess—with their toys, food, etc. It’s not that they always intend to do it, it’s just that most often, the cleaning tasks fall on parents. And did you know that according to a study, on average parents have to pick up 28 times a week after their kids? It sounds frustrating when you read it but due to the unconditional love we have for our little ones, we voluntarily protect them from danger and clean up their mess.

Our Kids are Capable to Clean

Tidying up after your kids can be problematic on some levels. It gets in the way of our house routine or work as we have to make time to pick up their toys and/or clean up their food. But we are parents after all. We love them. We care for them. And we will clean up their toys for them. But did you know that picking up after them has its cause and effect? Doing it too much (long term) for them may make them too dependable.

That is why in most studies, it is suggested that educating your children, at an early age, about house chores and assigning them some would be beneficial. Dr. Tamar Chansky, psychologist and author of several books, states that “[giving children household chores at an early age] helps to build a lasting sense of mastery, responsibility, and self-reliance,” points to a study published by the University of Minnesota.

Furthermore, it’s like at an early age, we teach our children the value of money so why not teach them also the value of cleanliness, right?

Ways to Make House Cleaning with Children Possible

  • Let them help

It’s not that in a single explanation they will thoroughly learn the value of cleanliness and why they should do house chores. Kids get excited when they see new things. There’s a high chance that your kids may get attracted to a vacuum cleaner when they see one for the first time.

They usually really want to get involved when there’s a new activity such as house cleaning. Take advantage of it. In short, make them part of the solution after they caused the problem of making a mess in your home.

  • Don’t give them the idea that cleaning is a punishment

Cleaning is not a punishment, first and foremost. Using cleaning as a method to punish your children is actually not beneficial for the reason that sooner or later they will hate the idea of cleaning. And for sure, there are some of us who experienced that. Some of us took a while or already grown-ups when we finally realized that cleaning is really important.

  • Set a realistic expectation

Don’t expect your kids to clean everything at once. It takes time. You have to know and fully understand that their way of thinking is not mature yet. At first, they might not have the cooperation you’re expecting. But it is okay! So give them minimal things to do first and add some more over time.

  • Communicate with them while they clean

Explaining to your kids the importance of cleanliness and why we need to clean is important for the reason that it will give them a better picture of what they do. Also, it is best if you give them options on what they want to do at first until they gradually learn it. Once cleaning becomes part of their tasks and it comes naturally with them, you can add additional tasks if needed. In this way they won’t feel pressured or feel like being punished.

If you’re giving them instructions, be specific about it. For them, it means a lot, when you say “clean up your room.” But if you say, “let’s clean up your room,” it will sound lighter as they know they would not be taking a heavy responsibility. It’s true, it’s a very big task for them so they need a helping hand.

  • Make it a family activity

Wouldn’t it be nice that cleaning would become a family bonding for you and your kids? You can make the cleaning interactive for them by making look like a fun game. Let’s say, cleaning would be a “race” that when you finish faster there will be a reward for them. They love role-playing, why not use this as a method as you clean the house with them?

  • Give them a break once in a while

It’s good that when cleaning becomes a habit for them, they do the household chores without expecting anything, right? But it would be nice if once in a while you will reward them for being helpful with the chores.

It’s also good that in-between cleaning, you will take a break. And during this break, use the opportunity to communicate with them. Just like what we advised earlier, it will help them to feel that cleaning is not a punishment.

  • Don’t redo their work

There are times that the cleaning tasks done by our kids are not as polished as we expect, it is best if you appreciate it all. Instead of directly correcting them for their not-so-good job, explain to them what happened. Remember that they are kids. There are times that they get emotional and sensitive in small things. If you insist to them that they did not do well, the chances are they might give up and not learn how to do things properly. Instead, encourage them while explaining to them how they can properly do the tasks.

Cleaning is important and so are children

Cleaning can be challenging from time to time, especially when our little ones keep on cluttering and messing their toys everywhere in the house. But it’s not enough reason to be frustrated with them. What you need is to encourage them to clean up their own mess.

And if you don’t have enough time to clean your house regularly because of work and time with your kids, you can contact us. My Marvelous Maids is ready to serve and clean your house anytime. We have highly skilled cleaners who are well-trained to make your house sparkling clean, especially for homeowners in Aurora, IL. Book an appointment with us today!

The 3 W’s of Decluttering Your House

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No matter how tidy and clean a person you are, there are still areas in your home where things start to pile up. And no, we’re not just talking about your house’s storage room. Naturally, there’s an area where before you know it all kinds of stuff might have gathered there already.


According to Cambridge Dictionary, declutter or decluttering means “to remove things you do not need from a place, in order to make it more pleasant and more useful”

In this blog, we will discuss how you can naturally declutter your home without stressing too much. This would be beneficial mentally, physically, and hygienically. It’s not just for yourself but also for your hired professional house cleaner. Before he or she comes in to make your home sparkling clean, the place has been decluttered.

What to Declutter?

  • Tables, Countertops, and Shelves

Let’s start with the most visible items. As you see these surfaces everyday, the items you see on top of it are becoming less and less eyesore (sometimes almost [hypothetically] invisible), and additional items that don’t belong there were generally missed. So before things become messier, take control and assess which items should stay and not so things won’t pile up.

The best examples are the magazines and books on the coffee table. Sure, at first it looks great. It gives the idea of a decorative vibe. However, this is not always the case. Most of the time, we start to put in more than what we need to. The best solution is to check which should be stored away, disposed or recycled. If there are still a “few” pieces you want to keep, make sure that it’s placed neatly before the dirt accumulates.

  • Under the Sink

Whether it is under the kitchen sink, bathroom sink, or laundry sink, we’re storing items in it. But if you start to declutter this area, you’ll realize that there are things like empty bottles that should be disposed of already. And since you’re already on your way to achieving a decluttered and organized storage under the sink, why not clean it too? And once you’re done, put back or restock the items there neatly. In this way, you’ll also be able to check one more time which items should be kept.

  • Cupboards

Okay, it’s our little secret but we know that most of the time this is where we hide away items instantly when we need to. With or without knowing, it’s our instant solution if we need to make the top surfaces neat and clean. It’s not a bad thing to hide some of your belongings in the cupboard since this is its main function, isn’t it?

However, what’s not good is when all items there get jumbled which makes it unorganized. So the best solution is to check, declutter, clean, and reorganize the items you want to keep in there.

  • The Closet

You might not believe it but, in general, your closet becomes a hideout of your unused items. If it’s unorganized, you won’t realize that there are items like shirt, pants, skits, and others that should be thrown out already or items that have not been used before because it’s hidden too deep. So, have some time to declutter for the reason that dust and dirt more or less has accumulated there.

Which Should I Declutter First?

To be honest, there’s no exact formula or step on which area, room, or space you should declutter first. The best way to do, as always, is to start with those easier areas before moving on to the ones that would take a longer time. This practice is the best one also so your body won’t stain immediately.

Take time to check first which part of the house where you can start.

Why Should I Declutter?

Decluttering has always been a good practice in every home. It is also beneficial physically, mentally, and hygienically. It’s a practice of self-care also for the reason that you’re giving yourself to detoxify.

According to studies, decluttering helps boost your self-confidence and self-efficiency as you’re able to make decisions. It helps your mind and body to function. You may not see it but it is also an exercise to reduce stress, and an exercise for your body to boost and energize it.

It also acts as a way to find some hidden or long lost “treasures” that might have forgotten overtime.

Lastly, decluttering helps you save time and money because when a hired professional house cleaner arrives, he or she will just focus on doing the main task of cleaning. This makes the cleaning job faster and you won’t have to pay extra for overtime, for additional tasks. You also build a good relationship with the cleaners as they can perform their job smoothly.

Need Assistance Cleaning Your House?

My Marvelous Maids is always ready to serve and clean houses in Aurora, IL, and its surrounding areas. Having good reviews and feedback from our loyal clients, we’re doing our best to deliver the best cleaning services possible. We have highly trained professional cleaners always ready to make rooms in your house sparkling clean.

If you need assistance cleaning your house, you can book a clean with us.