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How to Ensure a Successful House Cleaning

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Hiring a professional house cleaner or a house cleaning company technically means you’re entrusting them to make your house sparkling clean. It’s actually a fact, but at the same time it won’t work without you helping them. Just like the saying, “it takes two to tango” means that there’s a part you must fill in for the house cleaning to be successful. In our latest blog entry, allow us to share with you some insight to ensure a successful house cleaning.

Professional Cleaners Take Care of The Work But…

It is always beneficial to have a checklist not just for you but also for the cleaners if you could have the basic thoughts on what, which, and where parts of your house to clean. Despite the fact that the cleaners have their own guidelines, it is best if you have your own checklist that you can share with them. They have their checklist too, and it mostly may include each room of the house.

Having a checklist of your own before the cleaner arrives is beneficial on your part because you’ll be able to determine which areas in your house need more attention when cleaning. You’ll also be able to set a realistic expectation about the clean to be done. And lastly, you can share it to the cleaner and have the idea if it covers a spring clean or needs to be done through deep cleaning.

It is also worth mentioning that it could help the cleaner to clean faster and efficiently your place which would make every penny that you’ll pay them worth it.

A Checklist Should Be…

A checklist should be realistic and simple. But does that work? Sure, you list down those areas that you think that the cleaner must focus on when cleaning. However, from that list, determine which really should be prioritized. Don’t expect a cleaner to cover everything (a long list) in a span of a couple of hours unless you’re willing to pay extra.

If there are areas you can cover on your own (such as decluttering), it’s actually good so that hiring them would be more cost-efficient. They will be able to take care of bigger cleaning tasks on your behalf.

Be Systematic Like Them

Professional house cleaners follow a checklist of what to clean as it makes them more productive, faster, and not miss anything (the best way possible). And you can be systematic like them also.

What you can do is categorize your own checklist. Determine which areas should be prioritized. If you think there are too many you can always coordinate with the cleaner and have your list compared with theirs. In that way, you can have the other tasks to be taken care of maybe on the next clean.

Give Them Privacy

When you do your own stuff, most of the time, you want to be at peace and alone. This helps you become more productive. But at the same time, you don’t want someone prying on your work unless you want to, right? It’s the same feeling that the cleaners have when they work. It is best that when they start working, you give them some privacy. They are professionally trained to do the tasks, so you should be comfortable that they do their work thoroughly.

And once they are done with their work and you have some feedback, inform them in the best possible way. If it’s a complaint, still let them know but in a civil way. Letting them know about it helps them improve their work for the next clean. Also, if you have nothing but satisfaction with their job, let them know also because it boosts their esteem.

Need a Professional House Cleaner?

My Marvelous Maids has been in the house cleaning industry for quite some time and continuously delivering the best possible services they offer. If you are living in Aurora, IL, or its surrounding area, you can book a clean with us. We’ll go to your house and clean it as we have highly professional and well-trained house cleaners to make your home sparkling clean.

How Long a House Cleaning Should Be?

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House Cleaning is not an easy task. It’s a fact! According to a study, Americans spend six hours cleaning a house per week. And although you might not be aware of it, not everyone has the time to clean. So the best solution you have is to let us into your homes and do the cleaning for you.

A Clean House is a Clean Home to Live In

Your home is your safe haven and we don’t want to take that away from you. Especially, in times like this with the pandemic, cleanliness matters the most. Who would want to live in a smelly and untidy place, right?

And this is exactly the reason why your home should be cleaned properly. A proper time should be allotted when removing all the dust, dirt, virus, bacteria, and germs to every surface in your house.

Spring (Regular) House Cleaning

If you’re wondering how long it takes to clean your house, you should have an idea of what services are included for a typical house cleaning.

There’s no official setlist for this, but depending on the house cleaning company (and the services offered), here are the list which are normally included:

  • Sweeping
  • Mopping
  • Dusting
  • Vacuuming
  • Cleaning surfaces
  • Cleaning the kitchen
  • Making/Setting up the bed
  • Taking out the trash
  • Cleaning the bathroom

Taking care of these regularly such as on a weekly basis makes your house tidy and organized.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning your house does not necessarily have to be done weekly. It could be once a month or as needed. 

There’s a long list of what to do and clean when it comes to deep cleaning. The main point is, compared to regular cleaning, deep cleaning needs more and proper attention to details such as ensuring a thorough cleaning will be done to areas. It also requires a longer duration of cleaning as sanitizing and disinfecting are some of the important tasks when doing a deep clean. Furthermore, if you, as a homeowner, have a special cleaning request, the cleaner should know about it to meet your expectations.

House Cleanings are Based on Time and Size

The size of your house matters for the cleaners to determine how long it would take to clean it. Some cleaning companies, like us, use a chart or calculator on their website for you to have an idea of the overall time and total cost it would take cleaning.

Also, you’ll have to decide whether you just want a regular or a deep cleaning to your home.

You should also determine how often you’d want the cleaners to clean.

The overall cleaning time actually varies depending on some factors such as:

  • Cleaning schedule
  • House size and number of bedrooms
  • Number of cleaners to do the task
  • Schedule of when the cleaning will take place
  • Also, it’s worth mentioning the distance if, for example, your house is far

What Type of Cleaning Takes Additional Time?

Believe it or not, there are factors to be considered when a cleaner estimates the time to clean your house. If, for example, you have a small house but wasn’t cleaned for quite some time, extra time might be requested to ensure the cleanliness. In some cases, there are big houses, but two cleaners are assigned to clean and the house wasn’t that messy and untidy, it’s possible for the cleaning to be done on or before the allotted time is consumed.

So, How Long Does it Takes to Do a House Cleaning?

To be honest, it varies depending on the current state cleanliness of your house. But what we can advise you is to make it a habit to declutter, clean bit by bit if you have spare time, and clean when you can. So that when you hire house cleaners to take care of your home, you would have the basic idea of how long you’d require for us to clean.

If you need professional housekeepers within the area of Aurora, IL, My Marvelous Maids is always at your service. We have well-trained cleaners who ensure to deliver the best possible house cleaning services. You book an appointment with us and we’re ready to make your house sparkling clean.