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Take Time To Clean Your Kitchen Countertop

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You may or you may have not noticed yet but your kitchen is one of the busiest areas in your house. But more than that, the one area in your kitchen that is mostly used is the kitchen countertop. And with this being said, did you know that your kitchen countertop harbors dirt more than what your eyes can see?

You Use Your Kitchen Counter Everytime

With or without your knowledge, you’re using the kitchen counter even if you’re not cooking. This is the area where you put a variety of items such as mails, newspaper, bags of groceries before and after unpacking, your cellphone, and other things while waiting for your coffee to brew. In short, you use the kitchen counter too often and probably harbors dirt too.

So, you might say that you wipe down your kitchen counter before and after you cook. But is that enough? The truth is when we say dirt, it’s more than just what our eyes can see. And we know that you’re not intentionally dirtying your kitchen, who does that? However, the point is dirt can always occur. We always have to be vigilant in maintaining the cleanliness in our private space for our health safety, especially that there’s still COVID-19.

Healthy Kitchen Habits To Start From Now On

  1. Sanitizing Kitchen Counter

Regular cleaning and sanitizing are two different things although both have one ultimate goal which is to eliminate viruses, germs, and bacterias. But you must consider having the time to sanitize your kitchen counter aside from regularly cleaning it.

According to Dr. Charles Gerba (also known as Dr. Germ), a typical kitchen counter is dirtier than a toilet seat. He also added that people do not clean their kitchen counters as often as they should.  Dr. Gerba is a microbiologist and professor at the University of Arizona in Tucson. 

He also pointed out that, ‘in most cases, it’s safer to make a salad on a toilet seat than it is to make one on a cutting board.’

So in order to clean your kitchen counter, you should wipe it down with a disinfectant kitchen cleaner and paper towel, and then throw the paper towel away after use.

  1. Change Sponge, Scrub Brush, and Dishcloth Often

A sponge helps the dishwashing liquid soap thoroughly clean the dishes, a scrub brush gives more force if a visible residue needs to be removed, and a dishcloth helps dry the dishes. In short, they are cleaning tools. But these cleaning tools also harbor dirt if not washed thoroughly. Also, they get worn out too overtime. So, replace them often.

  1. Clean Your Kitchen Sink

Splashing water and rinsing the sink is not enough to drive the dirt down the drainage. You should sanitize your sink also to eliminate the dirt. You may read our recent blog about how to clean your kitchen sink.

  1. Don’t Let Your Pets Walk On the Kitchen Counter

We all love pets. And prohibiting them from walking on the kitchen counter doesn’t mean we don’t love them anymore.

Cats carry pathogens that cause toxoplasmosis from their litter box. It is not harmful to them but can hurt us, people, especially pregnant women which can cause birth defects.

Need Help On House Cleaning?

If you need help cleaning your home whether it’s on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis, you can always reach out to us. My Marvelous Maids has been providing quality house cleaning services in Aurora, IL, and its surrounding area.

Should You Hire A House Cleaner For The Holiday?

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It’s officially the holiday season already. While others only prepare a week before Christmas and New Year, many are already preparing without them knowing. There are those who have been ready and preparing for the ‘ber’ months while others are after Halloween. But the main point is, we’re all excited about these two particular events annually.

Even if we’re not expecting guests coming over for the holidays, we are still sure that our home is clean. With or without the house party or guests coming over, you’re somehow challenged with the idea of cleaning your home.

On the other hand, why not consider hiring people to do the cleaning for you?

Hire A House Cleaner And Focus On The Holiday

Hosting Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve dinner party is fun. It’s a memorable experience as you plan the menu, cook for holiday dishes, and gather around after in the living area of your home to chit chat and open gifts. However, it’s not all about the fun as pressure also comes along while doing the preparation, and still exists after the party is over for the reason that maintaining cleanliness is a must.

Before the main event, you suddenly might have to clean everything at home before the guests arrive. And after the party, you’ll take care of and re-clean the place. When was the last time you wiped the surface of your kitchen, cleaned the guest room, or vacuumed the flooring of your place?

In this matter, let cleaning professionals handle these things for you so you can just focus on holiday shopping, putting on holiday decorations, and cooking the best dishes you want to eat! Letting someone clean your house would at least take out the stress you feel. Plus, they will ensure a cleaner, healthier, and comfortable home for you.

When To Hire A House Cleaner To Come Over?

Actually, holiday cleaning varies. The decision is up to you but at the same time on the availability of the house cleaning professionals. You must consider that aside from the fact that many homeowners hire them during peak season, they also have their lives too and want to spend a private moment on the holiday. So, it is best to reach out to them and discuss until both parties reach an agreement on when to come over to clean and what type of house cleaning service you want from them. Do you need regular cleaning or deep cleaning? Perhaps, a custom house cleaning for the holiday is needed, right? So communicate with them.

But the one thing you must consider and very important is to book early. Also, consider a post-holiday cleaning too. Remember that after the big event, your house needs to be taken care of again.

The Benefits Of Hiring A House Cleaner During The Holiday

One of the benefits you will get when you hire a house cleaner is that you can save time. Like what we mentioned before, while the house cleaning professionals are doing their work at your home, you can focus on other things to prepare on the holiday.

You will also save your energy on other pressing matters for the holidays such as to think of dishes or meals to prepare for the family or guests, buy gifts for them, and relax, relax, relax before the clock hits 12 midnight (for Christmas or for New Year).

You can save money. Yes, it is true that hiring someone or people to clean your house is not for free. But the truth is you are also saving money instead of buying cleaning materials as the house cleaners are often bringing their own cleaning equipment. Plus, what they have are the right cleaning tools.

Lastly, they are professionals who are trained and have the knowledge to properly take care of the cleanliness of your home. We, at My Marvelous Maids, have a team who are not just ready to clean but also know how to. Our house cleaners are well-trained to do the cleaning tasks to ensure you have a cleaner and healthier space in your house.

House Cleaning Tips This Holiday Season

There’s no denying that Christmas can be the main highlight season of the year for many people. And for some, it can be the time where their house becomes the busiest — present shopping and gift wrapping, time for decorating, cooking foods, family members coming home or visiting, and having parties. Furthermore, a week after this, New Year follows.

Basically, this is the time of the year that the majority of us choose to spend time at home, right? However, before Christmas day comes, it’s better for us to have our home prepared for this event by having our private place clean — with or without guests coming — for our own comfort.

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How To Make Your House Holiday or Christmas-Ready?

Before you start putting your fabulous tall Christmas tree and ornaments, it is much better to have your house cleaned first. Why? It is because most of the time when you’re putting your decor it may require some home rearrangements. And because of this, it’s much better to take this opportunity to do some house cleaning. This will help you have the holiday spirit shine in a cleaner and comfortable space.

We know saying, and planning it sounds easier than doing the tasks which is why we’re giving tips on how to make your house cleaner to have a great and stress-free holiday.

Clean Your House Thoroughly

Let’s get to the point without any filter. You might have not noticed it, but once you start moving things in your living spaces like a couch to have an area for your Christmas tree you will start to see corners that might have not been given enough attention before. This is the reason why you need to clean your house first before you start decorating for the holiday.

It’s also good to put attention to your kitchen. It would actually be going to be the busiest area once you start cooking meals during Christmas Eve. It is important to have your kitchen clean and ready before cooking.

Prepare the guest room(s) and closet for guests coming in if you invited them for the holiday. For sure, you’d want them to have a great stay in your home, right? Make sure that you have the guest essentials needed considering that most people don’t want to travel with a lot, especially if they’ll just stay over for a few days.

Clean Your Holiday or Christmas Decorations

There’s no denying that the reason why you want to start decorating is to make your house have a holiday vibe. On the other hand, the decorations you’ll be using have been stored for about a year in the storage. This means that dust and cobwebs started to build up to your decors. And you don’t want to display dirty items, right? So it’s better to have and make sure that they’re clean first.

On the other hand, if you’re purchasing new decors, please be sure to clean and disinfect the items first. Especially, that we are in a situation of cleanliness really matters because of the pandemic. It is better to be safe than be sorry.


Since you’re going to start to take out holiday decorations from the storage or purchasing new ones, it means that there’ll be additional things going to be present in the areas of your house. And sometimes, it can make your living spaces congested.

So what you need to do is to declutter some stuff to accommodate the decorations you’ll be bringing in.

Our Best Tip

Either you can do speed cleaning, regular cleaning, or deep cleaning to remove the dust, cobwebs, and stains. The main idea is for you to have a clean house this holiday season.

If in case you don’t have time or need a helping hand to do this, you can always count on us to provide you our house cleaning services. My Marvelous Maids are offering regular and deep cleaning services ( but there’s more) in Aurora, IL, and its surrounding areas.