Debunking Some Household Cleaning Myths

Debunking Some Household Cleaning Myths

House cleaning has been part of our lives since before we knew it. It naturally became part of our routine—whether doing small or big cleaning tasks. Aside from the fact that we’re reducing the eyesore stuff that ruins the aesthetics of our spaces, it’s also the most hygienic thing to do. Furthermore, nowadays, we clean our homes to prevent and/or reduce the spreading of the coronavirus (Covid-19), especially now that there’s a variant that’s more threatening to our health compared to the original strain.

In short, cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting would make a big difference to keep us away from the risks of becoming sick and unhealthy. Mentioning those three, you have probably already heard a lot of various cleaning methods to achieve the cleanliness we’re aiming for. However, since there are a variety of methods we’re read or heard of, we sometimes get confused on which to follow—and which works best—because of them may contradict one another. 

In this blog, allow us to share to you some household cleaning myths that we frequently encounter. This also aims to help you understand and give you more ideas about it.

Myths About Household Cleaning

  1. Bleach Cleans Thoroughly ‘Everything’

Bleach is a helpful tool and companion when you’re cleaning your house. It makes white become whiter. It removes stains that regular soap and water can’t deal with. However, you should understand that there are surfaces where bleach is not advisable to use .Yes, it can clean the surface but it can also harm and break down the build-up of that surface you’re cleaning.

Bleach can also be harmful to your kids and pets as it is concentrated. It also has a strong smell that can sometimes irritate your sense of smell.

  1. Cleaning and Disinfecting Are The Same Thing

Cleaning and disinfecting are different from each other. While both have one goal which is to make surfaces and spaces clean, they serve different purposes.

Cleaning refers to removing dust and dirt, but it doesn’t entirely remove germs from the surfaces. But cleaning is important because it reduces the number of germs in the surrounding area.

On the other hand, disinfecting kills germs through the use of chemicals. Some common disinfectants are bleach and alcohol. For a certain period of time, you leave the disinfectant on the surface to kill germs. But take note that disinfecting does not necessarily clean dirty surfaces.

Nowadays, both are playing vital roles in our lives because of the spreading of the coronavirus. We use both methods to sanitize surfaces and areas aiming to kill germs, bacteria, and viruses.

  1. Bleach Works Best In Hot Water

This is a myth! Contrary to what most people believe that bleach and hot water are a perfect combination when cleaning, it is not true. Mixing bleach into hot water can turn white into yellowish tint. To avoid this from happening, don’t use bleach and hot water together.

  1. All Cleaners Are To Be Sprayed, Then Wipe-Off Right Away

No, this is not true. There is also a window time for a disinfectant or a cleaner to work properly. Seeing the word ‘instant’ on a label of a product often leads to the misconception that cleaners work in just a click. But in reality, it doesn’t work that way. You have to check and read the directions of the cleaning products you’re using and you’ll see that there are minutes required for it to sit well on the surface before wiping it off.

  1. All Green Cleaning Products Are Safe To Use

This is a common misconception. A green label does not necessarily mean that it is the safest cleaner out there. There are variables and factors to consider. Some of the green label products are not safe around your pet or your children. And the best way to ensure you are using the right products according to your needs is by reading and understanding the label and description of it. Make reading a habit!

  1. If The Surface/Area Smells Clean, Then It Must Be Clean

Just because the area is already smelling flowery and fresh does not necessarily mean it is. Remember that germs, bacteria, and viruses can’t be seen by our bare eyes. In reality, the safest clean is when the smell is odorless. This is why you should not be fooled by the deodorizers included in the content of the cleaners you’re using. Always remember not to rely on it but to use cleaners that are right according to what you’re cleaning.

  1. Homemade Cleaning Products Are Not As Effective As Commercial Cleaning Products

This is a myth! In reality, homemade cleaning products are the safer cleaning products you can use in your house. They work well too! In fact, when you’re using homemade cleaning products, you’re sure about its content and know that it’s not concentrated with chemicals.

However, always remember that it has its limit. If you’re aiming to thoroughly clean and disinfect your house, choose the right cleaning equipment and cleaning products to use. Read the label to ensure if it fits your needs. And, lastly, follow the instructions to have it work properly.


One of the main goals of cleaning is to not just clean but to reduce the risk of picking up germs, bacteria, and viruses that can harm your health. But always consider also that you have to select and choose the right cleaning products for you to use that won’t harm your health also. Chemicals are harmful so ensure that while you are cleaning you are not risking yourself from being exposed to harmful elements.

If you are homeowners in Aurora, IL, and its surrounding areas and need assistance thoroughly cleaning your home, My Marvelous Maids is ready to help. Book a cleaning appointment with us today and we will send our highly-skilled professional cleaners to your home. Our aim is to deliver the best cleaning service possible to make your home a comfortable and clean place to stay in.

The Mental Health Benefits of a Clean House

The Mental Health Benefits of a Clean House

Over the last year, mental health has been one of the most concerning issues we’re facing since the Covid-19 pandemic has started. Don’t get me wrong, the issue of mental health has always been here—whether we’re aware or not. Overcoming it is a long battle, and the best help that we can get is not only with the medications and health specialists who help us get through each day, but also ourselves to keep on holding on.

It’s just that our concern with our mental health became a more pressing matter since we’ve drastically pushed to adjust our routine, work, and daily living because of the pandemic. Most of the time, we’re staying at home—and when we go out, it’s best to wear a facemask for protection against the virus. We’re limited to whom we meet in person and who we can invite over to our house. We’ve become cautious since we don’t know thoroughly who has it or not unless tested. It’s tough. And for our safety, most of us choose just to stay at home for our safety.

In reality, there are so many triggers and difficulties in life that are out of our control. And doing small things can actually help us fight these to keep our state of mind calm, healthy, and functional. One best example is cleaning and organizing your home. It sounds simple but, the truth is, it has a great impact on our well-being.

An Organized House Equals to an Organized Life

Okay, it may sound cliché, but the truth is this is a fact! Try closing your eyes for a moment. Imagine your house (or home) clutter-free, what you can see is all your stuff, furniture and appliances are all in perfect places. There is no dust and dirt you see. You can see and smell the cleanliness and comfort of the space. Isn’t it great?

Admit it, it’s awesome to be living in that state, right? Well, it’s actually possible to have this if you start organizing because in the bigger picture of doing this, you’ll be able to relax, focus, and live in comfort. Your stress will naturally go away, might not be completely gone, but still, your mind will calm down in some ways.

The clutter in your house doesn’t just build up things that turn into an eyesore but it also builds up stress in your head. And in order for you to avoid being stressed is to start decluttering. Putting away things from places where it doesn’t belong to is a great way to help you have a smoother and faster time on cleaning. Clutter also causes dust and dirt to build up over time.

So, a good way to start organizing your home is to start decluttering.

Cleaning Boost Your Health

We probably have mentioned it before on our other blog post(s), but allow us to reiterate it (in another way). Cleaning has a lot of benefits. It doesn’t just make your environment and your own space clean, but it also boosts your immune system. How?

Well, cleaning is also another form of exercise. And when you’re exercising, your boosting your physical strength and keeping yourself active. Also, when you’re cleaning, you’re ensuring that your surrounding is free from dirt. It also boosts your immune system since you’re killing germs, bacteria, and viruses.

Lastly, when the surrounding of your home is clean, it benefits your mental health as you’re able to focus and think without distraction. Your mind functions well also because your surrounding is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

Improve Your Everyday Living

Having a clean home gives you peace of mind which is priceless. And having peace of mind is the key to having good mental health. It can’t be bought anywhere. But how can we have peace of mind naturally? Actually, one of the biggest contributing factors to having it is by having a good and comfortable sleep.

When you sleep well the night before, you have a higher chance of having a productive day. Sleep thoroughly impacts how you will function the next day as it improves your everyday living. According to people, they get a better sleep when they know they have a clean surroundings before and after they wake up. And this suggests that cleanliness is well connected to our physical, emotional, or mental health.

When you have an organized and clean home, your mind naturally relaxes.

Cleaning Has Evolved

Over the years, cleaning is experiencing its own evolution which is good. Aside from the fact that houses have more surfaces and areas to clean, it also requires special care now because the germs, bacteria, and viruses have evolved also. House cleaning can be time-consuming which is a fact and understandable. It requires focus and strength too, especially in some areas which is why it is also good if you’ll hire professional cleaners.

And if you need help taking care of the cleanliness of your home, My Marvelous Maids is ready to do that. Composed of highly trained professional house cleaners, we are ready to come into your house and do the work for you. If you are house owners living in Aurora, IL, and its surrounding areas, contact us today to book a cleaning appointment.

Are Natural Cleaning Products Effective?

Are Natural Cleaning Products Effective?

When we say “natural cleaning products,” admit it or not, the first things we could think of are “organic,” “chemical-free, “hazard-free” and any other positive words relating to health. Who wouldn’t want to use cleaning products that are not only doing its purpose but ensuring that it is safe for our health, right? But, on the other hand, this also follow-ups questions relating to effectiveness.

Are They Safe to Use?

Sure thing, it is safe to use. But later on, we become skeptical if it really works. Others might have been already wondering the moment they see the word “natural” on the label. This is because, we’re well aware that there are chemicals, ingredients or substances included on the commercial cleaning products that are included in the formula to kill germs, bacteria, and viruses. And that’s what we depend on most of the time. However, in the longer run, these chemicals can affect our well-being.

This is the reason why many are switching to natural cleaning products whether they truly believe or still have doubts but for the sake of health they choose it over the regular ones.

But to answer you frankly, the natural cleaning products out there also has its pros and cons just like relating to its effectiveness.

How to Know if it is Effective?

There are ways to know if these natural products are well-matched to your needs. All you need to do is be mindful and acknowledge the idea that it is up to you to ensure its effectiveness.

  1. Use the Products Properly

When natural cleaning products are used properly, it is given that it can be as effective as chemical cleaners. If you’re wondering how then you should start by knowing the brand label and its content. Read it carefully and check its ingredients. To make sure that you are using the right ones, you have to check if it is approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. All the natural cleaning products that claim that they can kill bacteria have an approval and have EPA registration.

  1. You’ll Know That It Cleans When It Foams

Dr. Brian Hedlund said that a microbiologist at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, executed on his research that foam removes dirt, grime and some germs from surfaces. And a good example is dishwashing soap where foam works well with water to surround the grease and successfully remove it.

  1. Cleaning, Sanitizing and Disinfecting are Different Things

Sanitizing can take up less time while disinfecting takes time for it to take effect depending on the product you’ll use.

Cleaning is mostly ensuring that visible dirt is removed from surfaces using soap and water. Sanitizing reduces the bacteria on surfaces whereas disinfecting destroys and kills germs and bacteria. Disinfecting hard is a good way to lower the risk of spreading germs, bacteria and viruses.

If you’re wondering if there are natural disinfectant products, actually, there are. One of the most effective natural disinfectants is alcohol. It immediately eliminates germs. Although, always be mindful that it depends on the type of germs (even bacteria and viruses) you want to eliminate.

How About Homemade Cleaning Solutions?

In reality, you can make your own cleaning solutions in your home using the cleaning products that you have. But to set expectations, it always depends on how you made the cleaning solution and to where you are using it for. There are homemade cleaning solutions that can be effective to eliminate germs, bacteria, and viruses, but can cause harm to your health without properly following guidelines to make and use it.

Natural cleaning products are effective. It can be as effective as the chemical-based cleaning products you usually use. But you have to use it properly to be effective. As mentioned earlier above, always be mindful of the product label, content, and instructions on how to use it. Make sure that if you want to use natural cleaning products, purchase the one that is approved by the concerned parties. If you want to make a homemade cleaning solution, follow the right instructions when mixing.

Need Help on House Cleaning?

My Marvelous Maids has always been dedicated to providing house cleaning services to homeowners in Aurora, IL, and its surrounding areas. We made booking a cleaning appointment with us easier. We have highly trained and professional cleaners who can take care of the cleanliness of your house. Contact us today so we can assist you!

The Best Natural House Cleaning Products You Can Get

The Best Natural House Cleaning Products You Can Get

Nowadays, there are tons of brands out in the market claiming to be “organic,” “natural,” “non-toxic” and “eco-friendly” house cleaning products. But in reality, there are real and there are also claims to be. The latter is simply just using the words for advertisement purposes and to entice us, consumers, on buying. In reality, we should be keen on checking if what they claim is true.

Read the Label(s)

We should not just get carried away with the words of the products printed in front of the bottles and packs. We make ourselves vigilant in ensuring that we’ll be buying and using the right ones to clean our homes. There’s actually a fine line for us to determine which products are not only true to what they claim to be but also compatible for us to use when cleaning. Make sure to always read also the details about the products—check its content, if it has the approval of the concerned department or companies that these products are safe to use and its shelf life.

In this blog, we will share with you the best (possible) house cleaning products you can buy now and help you achieve your goal of making your house sparkling clean. And to set the record straight, we won’t be mentioning specific brands. This is not an advertised blog. We just want to share our tips that can guide you to a safe and happy house cleaning. Also, duly take note also of doing your part of knowing if the natural cleaning products are the ones compatible with your needs since things may vary depending on which you will use and which specifically you will clean. So, let’s start!

Easy to Find Natural Cleaning Products

Cleaning Vinegar

Cleaning vinegar is actually different from white vinegar. Sure, they’re both vinegar… but a cleaning vinegar is specifically for cleaning purposes. If you’re wondering if both are effective for cleaning, the answer is yes. However, cleaning vinegar differs from white vinegar when it comes to acidity levels. And this is the reason why it is more effective to use for cleaning as it is 20% stronger.

Despite having stronger acidity content, you can use it on cleaning almost everywhere. On the other hand, while it serves its purpose of killing some germs, it is not recommended as a disinfectant by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for the reason that it is ineffective on getting rid of some harmful bacteria like salmonella.

An All-Purpose Cleaner

All-purpose cleaner is normally true and stands on its name as you can use it for many purposes. It is essential, whereas you can use it on cleaning your floor, tiles, kitchen sink, visible surface areas, washing your car, and even on your dishes. Yes, you read it right! You can use it on cleaning your dishes but be aware that an all-purpose cleaner is concentrated so you better rinse the dishes well with water! But, for others, using it on dishes is an unorthodox method since we’re not used to it. Let’s just say that in case of emergency, you can use it.

A natural all-purpose cleaner should be made of organic ingredients and does not irritate skin although it is advisable that when cleaning, we use cleaning gloves. It is hygienic to use one.

Shower Cleaner

A shower cleaner is best to use while waiting for deep cleaning. Spray it after you shower. It prevents mold, soap scums, and stains from hard water to gunk up. Your shower (area) is where you are supposed to clean yourself, right? So, it is best to make the place clean too!

Fiber Scrub Sponge

A scrub sponge helps removes unwanted residues that soap can’t remove alone. However, a regular sponge is filled with germs and bacteria according to the study. So, as per advice, it is much better to partner it with the right liquid dishwashing soap that kills bacteria.

But on a much positive side, there is a fiber scrub sponge you can use instead of a regular one. What makes it special is that it’s made from fiber (plants and recycled paper) material which means it’s compostable. It’s a certified natural product compared to a regular scrub sponge. But most importantly, always wash it thoroughly before and after using it!

Microfiber Cloth

You may be wondering why a microfiber cloth is included on the list. Well, the thing is, a microfiber cloth does wonder more than our eyes meet. We use and see it taking off the water residues when we wipe our dishes, utensils, and even surfaces. But most of us don’t know that a microfiber cloth also helps remove 99% of bacteria with just water and no chemicals needed. And this is one of the main reasons why it’s considered a natural cleaning product.

Natural Dish Soap

Yes, you read it right! There are natural dish soaps available in the market. What makes it better compared to regular dish soap is that it’s made of natural ingredients, it’s non-toxic, and it is skin-friendly.

Another good thing about it is that it’s stomach-friendly. You may be raising your brows now as you read it. But it’s true! Dish soaps get into our stomachs more than you can imagine. The usual dish soaps that we use actually have chemicals or ingredients that cling (residue) into our dishes which are hard to rinse off well. Is that a big deal? Well, actually, yes, as it can upset your stomach.


In reality, there are many natural cleaning products you can find nowadays. What’s mentioned above are just some of it. And we feel that these are the ones necessary for you to have these days. Always remember that germs, bacteria, and viruses don’t play nice as they’re always lurking around and ready to attack us, our well-being.

Using natural cleaning products can help improve the cleanliness of our house. It can also make our immune system stronger knowing that we avoid the usage of products containing harmful ingredients.

Cleanliness should be our priority but also our health. So, instead of choosing between the two which should be on the top list, always think that both are truly important. They are connected and can affect each other when we set aside one of the two.

If you need help cleaning your house, My Marvelous Maids is within your reach. Homeowners living in Aurora, IL, and its surrounding areas can book a clean with us. Our goal is to deliver the best cleaning services possible for your home.

The Benefits of Using Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

The Benefits of Using Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Cleaning is part of our human nature… although this statement may vary and be debatable. It’s still a fact because we do it at times we don’t think we’re doing it. A simple dusting, wiping, and/or washing of plates after a meal is called cleaning.

On the other hand, cleaning as in “cleaning” rooms of your house is often times a bigger task for us. And we refer to it as the literal meaning of it. But if you’re one of those who are invested in real cleanliness (although we actually all are), we see to it that the supplies, equipment, and products that we use when cleaning are safe and non-hazardous to our health.

The truth is, especially in times like these, we’re giving more attention to using natural cleaning products.

Why Use Natural/Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products?

Natural Cleaning Products are Safe to Use

Okay, for the record, we’re not saying that all regular cleaning products are bad. We’re just pointing out that from the name itself, natural products are products you can find in your local store. There’s also a chance that you might already have it at home, you’re just not aware of it yet.

Natural products contain their own preservatives (chemicals) compared to the regular ones having chemicals to prolong their shelf life before its expiration. Lastly, the natural chemicals it has are less harmful to the stuff you’re cleaning but having the same clean-effectiveness.

Natural Cleaning Products are Eco-Friendly

Who would not want to use eco-friendly products, right? By using it, you’re having the luxury of enjoying the cleanliness you seek for. But at the same time, you’re helping to save the environment one way or another. For example, you’re using biodegradable cleaning materials (that of course are reusable), which in the long run is easier to dispose of when the time comes.

Natural Cleaning Products are Good for Your Well-Being

It is related to the two benefits mentioned above. We don’t want to use cleaning products that can clean but can deteriorate our health, right? Our health is our top priority which is why we are cleaning. And it’s not beneficial to use cleaning products containing chemicals that can weaken our immune system. Eco-Friendly cleaning products contain fewer allergens.

Natural Cleaning Products are both Cost-Efficient and Cost-Effective

Companies that are promoting eco-friendly cleaning products and materials are generally offering “refill” and “replace” options.

The refill option means (for example) that instead of having you (the consumer) buy a bottle(s) every time the cleaning product runs out, you have the option to refill that same bottle instead. They offer the same products in refill packaging and in different sizes.

The replace option applies to cleaning materials where a part of it can be replaced instead of buying another of the same material. For example, you bought a wet mop but over time the mop head is worn out. So instead of buying a new wet mop, you have the option to buy the specific part as a replacement instead.

Natural Cleaning Products are Often Times Cruelty-Free

What we mean by this is, these products are not only safe for your health but also safe for your pets and other animals.

How to Know that the Cleaning Products are Safe?

If you’re wondering how to check if the cleaning products and materials you purchase are safe to use, you have to check the labels. There’s no harm in quickly checking out the labels of what you’re purchasing. It is actually beneficial for you because you’re getting aware of the content of the products. 

The products usually have a logo(s) on the label of the concerned government departments handling security and safety if the product can be released in the market. And if you experience any health issues when using the product, there are hotlines you can reach to send your complaint or concern regarding the product.

My Marvelous Maids Use Safe Cleaning Products and Materials

We value your well-being which is why aside from having highly trained cleaners who clean your homes, we see to it that the materials we use are safe. Our aim is not just to clean but to ensure that after cleaning there won’t be any issues as we value our clients.

If you are living in Aurora, IL, and its surrounding areas, you can book a cleaning appointment with us and we will take care of your home.