What Are the Duties of Commercial Cleaners?

Every company owner takes pride in their business success and meticulously organized offices. But the flurry of activity in every office can easily disrupt this perfect order. So, who do you turn to when your office space starts looking dowdy and chaotic? Luckily, there’s a quick fix for office mess. Superb office cleaning in Naperville will make every workplace glow.

What is the difference between residential and commercial cleaning

The services of commercial cleaners will help your business operate smoothly and efficiently. With pristine company premises, you’ll have happier, more motivated employees, attract serious clients and business partners, and help your company grow. 

What is the difference between residential and commercial cleaning?

When looking into hiring expert cleaners, most people wonder about what kind of service would be right for them. While you’re browsing a cleaning company’s website, you’ll usually come across the options of residential and commercial cleaning. Some cleaning providers offer both types of service, while others specialize in only one of them. It’s important to know what each of these includes before you schedule a visit by the cleaning team. This way, you’ll get the maximum results, which meet your demands. 

Here are the major differences between these kinds of cleaning:

  • Where is takes place: Residential cleaning means a cleaning crew is in charge of the hygiene of your home. On the other hand, commercial cleaning is performed in commercial and industrial spaces. 
  • How common it is: Booking these services isn’t a must, as many homeowners choose to take care of home cleanliness on their own. Owners of commercial spaces have little choice when it comes to hiring a professional because that’s the only way to get an office rid of harmful germs and allergens, as recommended by Occupational Health and Safety Administration.
  • What you trust your cleaner with:  It’s important for the property owner to trust their residential cleaners to carefully handle valuables commonly found around the home, such as souvenirs and mementos. A business owner needs to make sure the janitors are reliable, wholesome individuals because they enter the company’s premises. However, there is a lower risk of damage to personal belongings than in the case of residential services.
  • When it’s done: Residential cleaning is usually done during the day, sometimes with the homeowner present. Commercial cleaners commonly work at night, in the evenings or on weekends. While the company’s staff unwinds at Herrick Lake during their time off, their dependable cleaners scrub the office to perfection. 

What does a commercial cleaning company do?

Commercial cleaners are hired for a variety of services. They can perform light, general cleaning, as well as deep cleaning. These services could be booked on a one-time or regular basis. 

What does a commercial cleaning company do

Wondering what general office cleaning entails? It’s all about routine upkeep tasks, which should be done daily or weekly. It includes: dusting and wiping surfaces, mopping the floor, emptying garbage cans, restocking toilet paper and towels etc.

Aside from everyday light cleaning, every office occasionally needs heavy-duty cleaning, such as detailed carpet cleaning.

How can I get the most dependable office cleaning in Naperville?

Are you searching for amazing commercial cleaners in Naperville? My Marvelous Maids provide premium cleaning services that will make your office sparkle. We’re a reputable cleaning company Naperville businesses and homeowners can’t do without. 

The janitors you’ll be working with are trustworthy, skilled and thorough. These professionals are also great at helping hosts clean their Airbnb rental in between guests by providing the most efficient Airbnb cleaning in the area. 

Contact us without delay and get the best customer service there is! Aim high in an office space that commands respect. Your business will thank you for it. 

Who Should Be Responsible For Airbnb Property Cleaning?

As an Airbnb renter, immaculate hygiene and proper maintenance of the rental are at the top of your list of priorities. If the property you’re renting is in great shape, you know your stay will be safe and pleasant. For Airbnb hosts, the cleanliness of their property is equally important because a pristinely manicured space attracts potential renters.

Do you have to clean an Airbnb before you leave

However, the question of who should clean an Airbnb rental can be puzzling for both Airbnb hosts and their guests. A quick, easy and efficient solution is always in hiring expert Airbnb cleaning in Naperville. This way, both sides will invest minimum time and effort while having a spotless space. Plus, the list of reasons to book professional cleaning doesn’t end here. 

Do you have to clean an Airbnb before you leave?

It goes without saying that trashing the place is out of the question, but is a guest actually expected to mop the floors or clean the windows? The answer is usually – no. If the host hasn’t specifically listed it and the guest hasn’t agreed to it beforehand, there are no rules requiring guests to clean. 

However, tidying up after yourself is considered a nice gesture. If they’ve loved staying at the place, most people show their appreciation by doing a short round of light tidying up. This often includes: washing the dishes, disposing of garbage, putting things away, taking off the bedding and putting it in a laundry basket or anything else that they see fit.

When should Airbnb guests pay the cleaning fee?

It’s only normal for holiday renters to be into going off on water adventures in Pelican Harbor Aquatic Park rather than staying in to clean. So, it’s always best to rely on professional cleaners to achieve top quality cleaning results.

Mostly,  guests will pay a cleaning fee instead of doing the cleaning themselves. The fee is then used to cover the costs of cleaning supplies or the services performed by commercial cleaners who the host hires. Not all property owners charge this fee. Prospective guests can check if they do on their listings. 

What is the cleaning fee on Airbnb?

The fee is set by the host and the exact amount varies. It is determined by several factors, including:

What is the cleaning fee on Airbnb
  • The size of the property: The more time and cleaning supplies are spent to do the cleaning, the higher the fee will be.
  • A professional cleaning crew: If the host schedules expert cleaning, it costs more.
  • The clientele: Some hosts aim for guests who seek luxury and others cater for more modest renters.
  • The competition: A host will commonly go for a cleaning fee similar to the ones charged by other home owners in their area.

So, if you are browsing Airbnb rentals, pay attention to the amount that your potential host charges. If you’re a property owner setting up a listing on Airbnb, be careful the fee you decide on covers your cleaning expenses.

Where can I find expert Airbnb cleaning in Naperville?

Owning property is a huge responsibility. Just like you insure your property in case of damage, you should make sure its maintained properly. And what better way to do it than hire an outstanding cleaning team of My Marvelous Maids?

The maids you’ll be working with are bonded and insured, as well as trained and experienced. They’re friendly and respectful, too.

Simply share your Airbnb calendar with your cleaner and we’ll know when your place is available for a first-rate clean. We guarantee you’ll have your peace of mind and an immaculate property renters will flock to!

Reasons to Book Professional Commercial Cleaning

An office is a bustling, dynamic environment which can easily become dirty and disorderly.  However, don’t let chaos take over your workspace. People spend a great deal of their time at work, so keeping an office pristine is of great importance for their job satisfaction and overall well-being.

During busy working hours, tidying up the office is the last thing on your mind. If you want to ward off office mess, you have plenty of reasons to book expert office cleaning. Trained and experienced cleaners have the skills and dedication to make your workplace shine. Get high-quality office cleaning in Naperville and you won’t need to worry about office cleanliness ever again. 

What is general office cleaning? 

Once you’ve decided to hire a professional office cleaner, the first thing you need to determine is what type of cleaning you require. There is a difference between general and deep office cleaning. General cleaning is done often, on a daily or weekly basis. It includes cleaning tasks that provide routine, everyday upkeep. 

Here are some duties you can expect a qualified office cleaner to perform as part of general office cleaning:

  • Dusting desks, shelves and other surfaces
  • Wiping surfaces with a damp cloth
  • Vacuuming and sweeping the floors
  • Mopping the floors
  • Emptying trash cans
  • Restocking towels and toilet paper rolls 
  • Sanitizing the toilets
  • Removing stains from glass surfaces

Unlike general cleaning, heavy-duty cleaning tasks, such as carpet cleaning, are performed more rarely. They fall under the category of deep cleaning and can be dealt with once in a while.

Why you should hire a commercial cleaning company?

Hiring a trustworthy cleaner for your commercial space can be as important as getting a licence to start a business. There are numerous benefits to having a professional perform your cleaning: 

  • Satisfied employees: Booking the services of a top-notch commercial cleaning agency means your employees will be pleased with their work space. They’ll be less frequently on sick leave and highly motivated to do great work. 
  • Focus on work: You’ll no longer be distracted by office mess. Instead, the tidy look and feel of the workspace will help you concentrate on doing business. Keep your eyes on the ball with the help of expert cleaning services.
  • Happy customers: Your clients will be in awe of how well-maintained your office is. Your company will be projecting an image of order and discipline, so you’ll seal the deal with ease. Clients will be thrilled to come back every time.
  • First-rate quality: Your dependable cleaning crew will treat your office space to a thorough scrub because they’re trained and tested professionals. They know exactly how to combat germs and grime so you’ll be putting your office hygiene in good hands.

With an amazing cleaning team by your side, there’s no goal you can’t reach. You’ll have your peace of mind and ensure the success of all business ventures.

Where to get #1 office cleaning in Naperville?

Searching for the best cleaning in town? My Marvelous Maids can match you with the leading experts in office hygiene. We work with the most qualified cleaners who can make your workspace shine. Apart from commercial cleaning, they also offer Airbnb apartment cleaning, where guests can pay the cleaning fee

While you and your co-workers have a few hours of downtime at Centennial Beach, the outstanding cleaners we send will give your office a make-over. Contact us today and get a top-notch service like no other! When you book an appointment with a committed cleaner, the sky’s the limit to what your business can achieve!

Cleaning Tips for Airbnb Hosts

Are you renting an Airbnb property and looking to boost your chances at the rental market? If you want to have a steady stream of travelers who’d love to stay at your place, you have to know how to keep your rental apartment clean. Showing prospective tenants around a spotless rental will make a great impression and help you seal the deal.

Taking care of rental apartment hygiene on top of your other responsibilities can cause too much stress. Luckily, experts for premium Airbnb cleaning in Naperville can take the work off your hands. Saving time and energy while also having a presentable rental property is among the many reasons to hire professional cleaners. Once you book with experienced cleaners, you can sit back while these experts sweep your worries away!

Do you have to clean Airbnb?

The question of Airbnb cleaning etiquette is a tricky one. Whose responsibility is it, really? 

The guest’s duties 

Although it’s not a requirement, guests should treat the rented space with care and show their appreciation to the host by cleaning up after themselves. Here are a few simple cleaning tasks guests should perform before they check out, as a sign of respect for the host:

  • Take out the trash
  • Wash the dishes
  • Fold and put used bedding in one place
  • Put dirty towels into the laundry hamper

Also, a guest should always be careful not to break items around the rental or leave any stains behind. If an accident happens, they should let their host know so they can deal with it. If needed, the guest will be charged for it additionally or the damages will be deducted from the security deposit.

The host’s duties

Most of the heavy-duty cleaning is supposed to be done by the host or a reliable cleaning agency the host hires. To cover the costs of hygiene maintenance, hosts often charge renters the Airbnb cleaning fee. This helps them fund the regular upkeep of their property.

How do I share my Airbnb calendar with cleaners?

Guests who rent through Airbnb love to stay at well-kept properties. The American Cleaning Institute advocates regular cleaning in order to keep germs and disease at bay. But when you have a tight renting schedule, how do you organize your cleaning appointments quickly and efficiently? 

Keep your trusted cleaner up-to-date with your renting schedule in one of these simple ways:

  • Add your maid to your Airbnb as a co-host: This is a handy feature of Airbnb. Your expert cleaner will be able to see when each check-out and check-in is. However, be careful because it will give your cleaner access to all parts of your listing.
  • Share your calendar with your cleaner: Sync your Google Calendar with your Airbnb calendar. Then, share it with your cleaning professional.
  • Send a reminder to your cleaner via Gmail: Set up your Gmail to forward Airbnb reservation dates to your cleaner.

With any of these foolproof methods, your cleaning crew will be updated and ready for their next appointment.

Where to find the best Airbnb cleaning service in Naperville, IL?

If you’re looking for efficient Airbnb cleaning pros in Naperville, look no further. My Marvelous Maids will match you with the leading experts for commercial and residential cleaning in Naperville and beyond. The cleaners we work with are punctual, detail-oriented and very motivated. We promise your guests will be amazed by how neat and tidy your place is!

They’ll take a hike or have a lovely picnic at Springbrook Prairie Forest Preserve, knowing they’ll come back to a sparkling holiday home. Reach out to us and be a perfect host with a little help from the cleaning team we send!

Finding #1 Cleaning Experts in Naperville, IL

Are you spreading yourself too thin trying to juggle work, family and household chores? Have you been thinking about hiring a great cleaning crew to help you out with home hygiene? Then you’re in need of advice on how to reach the best trained cleaners in your town. Follow a few simple steps and soon you will be enjoying the highest standards of cleanliness in your living space.

Do your research, look for recommendations from friends and family and get the best Naperville maid service. Before long, you’ll reap all the fantastic benefits of hiring a maid who does a thorough job. Why waste time doing all the exhausting scrubbing, mopping and vacuuming when you can have the experts do it for you? You can both save your energy and have a home fit for a king!

What to ask maid cleaning services?

Before choosing the cleaning agency to take care of your housework, make sure they are the right fit for your needs and demands. There are several questions you should ask the company before they send their cleaners over:

  • Payment: How much will the service you require cost? How do customers pay? Is there a satisfaction guarantee which promises customers a free re-clean if they’re not happy with the results?
  • Insurance and bonding: You have to be very careful when letting someone onto your property. In order to stay safe and get your service stress-free, make sure your cleaners have all the necessary permits and insurance.
  • Cleaning supplies: Do they come equipped with all the mops, detergents and other necessities or do clients need to provide them?
  • Services: You should know what you can and can’t expect from the cleaner. For example, the majority of maids won’t lift heavy furniture.
  • Tips: Mostly, you can tip your maid a larger sum at Christmas or a smaller one every time they come. However, some agencies have a no-tips-required policy. Check this beforehand.

A competent cleaning crew will be ready to answer all of your cleaning related questions and meet your specific requirements. You’ll be able to sit back and relax only if you’ve made sure your future cleaner will live up to your expectations.

How to find out if maid services are licensed, bonded and insured?

If you’re booking a cleaning service, you want to know your maid or housekeeper operates lawfully and that they are insured and bonded. This minimizes the risk of theft and damage to your property, ensuring your peace of mind.

A cleaning company will first apply for a license with the US Small Business Administration in order to conduct their business legally. Cleaners who put their clients’ safety and well-being first will also get bonding and insurance.

When you’re about to work with a new cleaning agency, ask them for their bond and insurance certificate. Then, you can call the insurance company to verify the information.

What’s the most trustworthy cleaning company in Naperville, IL?

Book a first-class maid service in Naperville and leave all your worries behind. My Marvelous Maids is here to match you with expert cleaners who are highly motivated, trained and experienced. What is more, the maids we team up with are licensed, insured and bonded. They will stop at nothing in our fight against dirt and grime.

Visit the Naperville Riverwalk and have a leisurely stroll while your cleaners go above and beyond to rid you of unsightly dust and sanitize your space. There’s nothing more precious than spare time and quality rest, so enjoy yours to the fullest. And have a sparkling residence to boot!

Give us a call today and you’ll never look back!