How To Effectively Clean Your Fridge Like A Pro?

How To Effectively Clean Your Fridge Like A Pro?

It’s an unwritten rule that keeping a refrigerator clean is a must. It doesn’t take a genius on why this is important, but if it must be said, one of its main purposes is to keep our well-being safe aside from prolonging the shelf life of the food we store inside. Even though a fridge is cold enough, the bacteria and germs can still make it a breeding ground that causes foodborne illness. And we don’t want us to get sick, much worse be poisoned, because of mishandling the proper storing of food.

The Fridge is the Workhorse of the Kitchen

While a fridge is taking care of your food to keep it preserved and cool, some wear and tear of the storage is bound to happen one way or another. Cleaning it properly is one way to keep it working longer, keep it in good condition, and let it function for as long as it can.

Not every one of us thoroughly understands that our fridge works overtime just to prolong the shelf life of our foods. As it only stays in one corner, most of us often miss cleaning it regularly. But as mentioned earlier, it must be cleaned the same way we clean the other equipment we use in our house. Again, we don’t want it to be the breeding ground of germs and bacteria.

In this blog, we will share with you some new tips on how to keep your fridge clean and function as to how it is supposed to.

Cleaning The Interior

  • Clean The Fridge’s Shelves and Drawers The Right Way

Wiping the shelves, crisper, and drawers is just a temporary solution. You have to wash them! A fridge, when not cleaned the right way, may produce bad odors because of the stains, residue, and leftover smell of food. And this is the reason why we should wash the shelves, crisper, and drawers instead of just wiping.

Pull out these removable parts of the fridge and wash them with soap. If, in case, you’re unsure on how to remove these, check out the manual or read guides online. But be mindful that if the shelves are glass-type, let them warm up first after pulling out from the fridge. These will prevent them from shattering when you use hot water to wash and clean.

Yes, wash and clean them with hot water and soap. This will help for the residue and odor to be removed faster. Use antibacterial spray also to ensure that the germs and bacteria will be gone.

  • Remove The Fridge Odor

The odor in your fridge doesn’t just linger on the shelves and drawers as it is also on the inside. Once you have pulled out the shelves and drawers, you’ll understand more about it.

In these modern-day times, there are already refrigerators equipped with deodorizers designed to remove these foul smells even before you clean them. But you have to understand that there are limitations to it depending on how strong the smell the food stored in the fridge is.

Fortunately, you don’t have to use cleaning spray or products with harsh chemicals to remove the odor. Baking soda can help deodorize your fridge. Simply put a baking soda in an open container or open the box of it (if it’s a small one), and put it inside. This will absorb the odor lingering in your fridge.

  • Don’t Forget Cleaning the Gasket

The rubber gasket lined in the frame of your fridge door must not be forgotten. Aside from the fact that dirt might accumulate in it, it should be regularly cleaned to ensure that it maintains a tight seal.

If it accumulates grime or mold, you can use liquid dish soap or bleach-based cleaner. Rinse the gasket thoroughly. And to keep it from drying out, you can rub a thin layer of petroleum jelly.

Cleaning The Exterior

  • Wipe The Door, Side, Top, and Back

It’s not just the inside of the fridge that is important to clean, but also the outside. You don’t want it to look old and rusty as time passes by, right? You can use an all-purpose cleaner sprayed on a cloth to wipe these areas.

On the other hand, the method mentioned may vary depending on what type of fridge you have at home. If, for example, your fridge is a stainless-steel refrigerator then you can use a microfiber cloth to wipe it clean.

  • Clean The Coils

Cleaning the coils can be tricky. It doesn’t need to be cleaned everytime, but it’s good to clean it once in a while. For a better and safer way of cleaning the coils, it is best to refer to the manual which came along when you bought the fridge. Otherwise, you can search or hire experts to clean it.

  • Clean The Water Dispenser

If your fridge model comes with a water dispenser, make sure to clean it also. Cleaning it helps ensure that the dispenser’s filter is still good and you can drink clean water. The dispenser tray is also prone to stains and residue so make sure to not miss cleaning it.

Ensure Your Fridge’s Cleanliness

To prevent your fridge from producing a bad odor and keeping it longer, make sure to store food inside the right way. Check the expiration dates of the foods in your fridge. Toss away the spoiled and expired ones. Wipe the stains and residues on the shelves (remember that you still have to clean them).

Lastly, before you store your newly bought groceries in your fridge, make sure that they are cleaned.

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