How to Keep a Clean Home with Messy Pets

It’s common to find additional family members in a single household. They are our pets. They give us a warm welcome when we arrive home and ease our tired feeling after a long day of work in the office. We treat them as equals and give them unconditional love for their loyalty to us.

According to an article published by the nest, dogs and cats are two on the top of the list as the most common pets a person has at home. But regardless of which of these cuties that we keep, pets can bring happiness one way or another once we take care of them.

How to Keep a Clean Home with Messy Pets

Some studies show that our pets can bring positive health effects, but the results have been mixed. This is the reason why the studies on this never stop and continuing for the latest developments. On the other hand, it is proven that our pets can be a source of love, comfort, and support in our trying times, especially when we feel alone. However, they can cause our stress also and vice versa.

Although we may not be thoroughly aware, animals can feel stress and fatigue too. This maybe one of the causes when our pets start acting up. They can bring mess to our homes; unruly dogs chewing furniture and spreading mud on the floor after playing outside while cats scratching the couch. And when it happens, it is quite a challenge for us, pet owners, not just to keep them on track but to maintain cleanliness in our place.

Maintaining a clean home when living with pets

  1. Train your pets

Training them is a good start. And it is not just training them on when and where to eat, but we also recommend them to have a bathing routine. This would be good before letting them roll on the floor and play around the house. But most importantly, train them with love and patience.

  1. Set up designated areas for their activities

Wouldn’t it be great if everything is in our house is in order? And you can also apply it to your pets. Training them is a start and let’s say it is part of it. It’s great if your pets learn where they can and cannot eat their food, take a bath, play around, and poop.

It is given then doing this takes some time. But if you won’t start now, your pets won’t learn, right? You can read articles or books about how to train them properly.

  1. Invest on cleaning equipments

Yes, you have a broom to sweep the floor. You have a mop, cleaning cloth, and other materials for cleaning. But it would be wiser and more beneficial later on if you can take the extra mile if you have the budget to buy additional cleaning equipment for your pets. How about buying a vacuum?

While our pets roll around the floor, sofa, carpet or mat, chances are their hairs are left in that area. Sometimes, it’s visible while there are times that it is not. So, an animal vacuum cleaner is a good addition to your house cleaning equipment. Plus, you can make sure that you are cleaning thoroughly when you have time for it.

On the other hand, if you don’t have time to clean because of your work, we at My Marvelous Maids are here to be at your service. We offer different house cleaning services such as regular home cleaning or deep cleaning that you can choose from.

So while you want to spend your weekend with your pets outside to stroll, you can contact us and we will do the cleaning for you.

A clean home with well-trained pets means comfort

In conclusion, having a clean home brings comfort and satisfaction to ourselves. And if you still need some convincing, you can read our other blog about the benefits of home cleaning.

How to Keep a Clean Home with Messy Pets

We, as pet owners, should be responsible not only to ourselves but also to them. Our pets have feelings too and they can think. As much as we get stressed from the mess they make, do not vent your anger on them. Relax and keep it cool. Remember that regardless of what they did, they are loyal to us.

So, instead of fussing with the mess they’ve caused, why not try to take advantage of training them? In that way, they will learn and can help make our homes clean and clutter-free later on. Furthermore, teaching them can be a good bonding moment for both of you. These are only a few things we can do for them in return for the big love and loyalty they give to us.

They may be speaking their own language, but there are ways to understand and help them. Who knows, we will just realize later on, that they are already organized without our supervision. And it will be more comfortable for all of us to live with our well-trained pets in a clean home.

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