The Benefits of Using Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

The Benefits of Using Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Cleaning is part of our human nature… although this statement may vary and be debatable. It’s still a fact because we do it at times we don’t think we’re doing it. A simple dusting, wiping, and/or washing of plates after a meal is called cleaning.

On the other hand, cleaning as in “cleaning” rooms of your house is often times a bigger task for us. And we refer to it as the literal meaning of it. But if you’re one of those who are invested in real cleanliness (although we actually all are), we see to it that the supplies, equipment, and products that we use when cleaning are safe and non-hazardous to our health.

The truth is, especially in times like these, we’re giving more attention to using natural cleaning products.

Why Use Natural/Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products?

Natural Cleaning Products are Safe to Use

Okay, for the record, we’re not saying that all regular cleaning products are bad. We’re just pointing out that from the name itself, natural products are products you can find in your local store. There’s also a chance that you might already have it at home, you’re just not aware of it yet.

Natural products contain their own preservatives (chemicals) compared to the regular ones having chemicals to prolong their shelf life before its expiration. Lastly, the natural chemicals it has are less harmful to the stuff you’re cleaning but having the same clean-effectiveness.

Natural Cleaning Products are Eco-Friendly

Who would not want to use eco-friendly products, right? By using it, you’re having the luxury of enjoying the cleanliness you seek for. But at the same time, you’re helping to save the environment one way or another. For example, you’re using biodegradable cleaning materials (that of course are reusable), which in the long run is easier to dispose of when the time comes.

Natural Cleaning Products are Good for Your Well-Being

It is related to the two benefits mentioned above. We don’t want to use cleaning products that can clean but can deteriorate our health, right? Our health is our top priority which is why we are cleaning. And it’s not beneficial to use cleaning products containing chemicals that can weaken our immune system. Eco-Friendly cleaning products contain fewer allergens.

Natural Cleaning Products are both Cost-Efficient and Cost-Effective

Companies that are promoting eco-friendly cleaning products and materials are generally offering “refill” and “replace” options.

The refill option means (for example) that instead of having you (the consumer) buy a bottle(s) every time the cleaning product runs out, you have the option to refill that same bottle instead. They offer the same products in refill packaging and in different sizes.

The replace option applies to cleaning materials where a part of it can be replaced instead of buying another of the same material. For example, you bought a wet mop but over time the mop head is worn out. So instead of buying a new wet mop, you have the option to buy the specific part as a replacement instead.

Natural Cleaning Products are Often Times Cruelty-Free

What we mean by this is, these products are not only safe for your health but also safe for your pets and other animals.

How to Know that the Cleaning Products are Safe?

If you’re wondering how to check if the cleaning products and materials you purchase are safe to use, you have to check the labels. There’s no harm in quickly checking out the labels of what you’re purchasing. It is actually beneficial for you because you’re getting aware of the content of the products. 

The products usually have a logo(s) on the label of the concerned government departments handling security and safety if the product can be released in the market. And if you experience any health issues when using the product, there are hotlines you can reach to send your complaint or concern regarding the product.

My Marvelous Maids Use Safe Cleaning Products and Materials

We value your well-being which is why aside from having highly trained cleaners who clean your homes, we see to it that the materials we use are safe. Our aim is not just to clean but to ensure that after cleaning there won’t be any issues as we value our clients.

If you are living in Aurora, IL, and its surrounding areas, you can book a cleaning appointment with us and we will take care of your home.

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