The Best Natural House Cleaning Products You Can Get

The Best Natural House Cleaning Products You Can Get

Nowadays, there are tons of brands out in the market claiming to be “organic,” “natural,” “non-toxic” and “eco-friendly” house cleaning products. But in reality, there are real and there are also claims to be. The latter is simply just using the words for advertisement purposes and to entice us, consumers, on buying. In reality, we should be keen on checking if what they claim is true.

Read the Label(s)

We should not just get carried away with the words of the products printed in front of the bottles and packs. We make ourselves vigilant in ensuring that we’ll be buying and using the right ones to clean our homes. There’s actually a fine line for us to determine which products are not only true to what they claim to be but also compatible for us to use when cleaning. Make sure to always read also the details about the products—check its content, if it has the approval of the concerned department or companies that these products are safe to use and its shelf life.

In this blog, we will share with you the best (possible) house cleaning products you can buy now and help you achieve your goal of making your house sparkling clean. And to set the record straight, we won’t be mentioning specific brands. This is not an advertised blog. We just want to share our tips that can guide you to a safe and happy house cleaning. Also, duly take note also of doing your part of knowing if the natural cleaning products are the ones compatible with your needs since things may vary depending on which you will use and which specifically you will clean. So, let’s start!

Easy to Find Natural Cleaning Products

Cleaning Vinegar

Cleaning vinegar is actually different from white vinegar. Sure, they’re both vinegar… but a cleaning vinegar is specifically for cleaning purposes. If you’re wondering if both are effective for cleaning, the answer is yes. However, cleaning vinegar differs from white vinegar when it comes to acidity levels. And this is the reason why it is more effective to use for cleaning as it is 20% stronger.

Despite having stronger acidity content, you can use it on cleaning almost everywhere. On the other hand, while it serves its purpose of killing some germs, it is not recommended as a disinfectant by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for the reason that it is ineffective on getting rid of some harmful bacteria like salmonella.

An All-Purpose Cleaner

All-purpose cleaner is normally true and stands on its name as you can use it for many purposes. It is essential, whereas you can use it on cleaning your floor, tiles, kitchen sink, visible surface areas, washing your car, and even on your dishes. Yes, you read it right! You can use it on cleaning your dishes but be aware that an all-purpose cleaner is concentrated so you better rinse the dishes well with water! But, for others, using it on dishes is an unorthodox method since we’re not used to it. Let’s just say that in case of emergency, you can use it.

A natural all-purpose cleaner should be made of organic ingredients and does not irritate skin although it is advisable that when cleaning, we use cleaning gloves. It is hygienic to use one.

Shower Cleaner

A shower cleaner is best to use while waiting for deep cleaning. Spray it after you shower. It prevents mold, soap scums, and stains from hard water to gunk up. Your shower (area) is where you are supposed to clean yourself, right? So, it is best to make the place clean too!

Fiber Scrub Sponge

A scrub sponge helps removes unwanted residues that soap can’t remove alone. However, a regular sponge is filled with germs and bacteria according to the study. So, as per advice, it is much better to partner it with the right liquid dishwashing soap that kills bacteria.

But on a much positive side, there is a fiber scrub sponge you can use instead of a regular one. What makes it special is that it’s made from fiber (plants and recycled paper) material which means it’s compostable. It’s a certified natural product compared to a regular scrub sponge. But most importantly, always wash it thoroughly before and after using it!

Microfiber Cloth

You may be wondering why a microfiber cloth is included on the list. Well, the thing is, a microfiber cloth does wonder more than our eyes meet. We use and see it taking off the water residues when we wipe our dishes, utensils, and even surfaces. But most of us don’t know that a microfiber cloth also helps remove 99% of bacteria with just water and no chemicals needed. And this is one of the main reasons why it’s considered a natural cleaning product.

Natural Dish Soap

Yes, you read it right! There are natural dish soaps available in the market. What makes it better compared to regular dish soap is that it’s made of natural ingredients, it’s non-toxic, and it is skin-friendly.

Another good thing about it is that it’s stomach-friendly. You may be raising your brows now as you read it. But it’s true! Dish soaps get into our stomachs more than you can imagine. The usual dish soaps that we use actually have chemicals or ingredients that cling (residue) into our dishes which are hard to rinse off well. Is that a big deal? Well, actually, yes, as it can upset your stomach.


In reality, there are many natural cleaning products you can find nowadays. What’s mentioned above are just some of it. And we feel that these are the ones necessary for you to have these days. Always remember that germs, bacteria, and viruses don’t play nice as they’re always lurking around and ready to attack us, our well-being.

Using natural cleaning products can help improve the cleanliness of our house. It can also make our immune system stronger knowing that we avoid the usage of products containing harmful ingredients.

Cleanliness should be our priority but also our health. So, instead of choosing between the two which should be on the top list, always think that both are truly important. They are connected and can affect each other when we set aside one of the two.

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