Overcoming The Challenges Of House Cleaning

Overcoming The Challenges Of House Cleaning

According to a study, Americans spend approximately six hours each week cleaning homes but still not sure if it’s enough. If you’re wondering why, well, for starters, our lives are hectic and can be stressful. And the last thing we’d want to do after a long day from work is to clean our homes. We’d rather rest instead.

Which is more important?

Actually, it’s not wrong if you prioritize resting first for health reasons. However, as we’re setting aside our house chores, dust and dirt start to accumulate. So, before we know it, there’s already a lot to take care of on the weekend or during your day off from work.

How to aid this situation?

Resting after a long day of work is important. That’s not a question. But cleanliness is also important! If we deprive ourselves of any of these two, our health is the one who would suffer the consequences. After all, our health is the most important on top of the list, isn’t it?

So, in this case, the best option for us to attend to this situation is to take care of cleaning our house on our behalf. But before we start scratching our heads and computing the expenses on our minds, we should consider the bigger picture. Having your house cleaned regularly has a variety of benefits. You can read our previous blog post about The Benefits of Home Cleaning for starters.

I want to clean the house but I am busy/want to rest

True to its words, life is an adventure. It is! And we all are busy doing our own thing whether personal or business that should be taken care of. It’s not wrong as having a busy life (although can be stressful at times) means you have a purpose to go on. On the other hand, house chores should not and cannot be neglected.

If you’re someone who really cannot have the time to squeeze in doing house chores like cleaning it, it’s not a problem.

The benefits of hiring a professional house cleaner

Nowadays, there are options you can consider to still do your work while someone cleans the house for you. We’ve previously discussed the 5 Benefits of Outsourcing Cleaning Services. The idea of the previous blog we have mainly talks about or focused on business establishment, but its benefits are actually still applicable for you when you hire a professional house cleaner for your home.

Cost and Time Efficient

Professional house cleaning is cheaper than you might think. With the pandemic situation, we are in now, hiring a professional to clean your house ensures you that it is more than just cleaning on what you are paying for. Cleaning is accompanied with disinfection to ensure that your place is safe and free from viruses, germs, and bacteria.

Also, believe it or not, even if you add a monthly house cleaning on top of a weekly or bi-weekly house cleaning is still cheaper than hiring a full-time employee for the same job.


You’re given the opportunity to focus more on your other things to do as the cleaners you hire are available according to the appointment you set for them to go to your house to clean. Also, as they are professionally trained, they focus on deep and sustainable cleanings which make the weekly or bi-weekly cleaning schedules be done faster and smoothly.

It can fit your budget

The cleaners can customize the house cleaning job for you according to what’s needed. You can discuss with them your concerns if you’re on a tight budget so you will meet halfway and come to a decision or agreement without sacrificing the quality of cleaning service they offer.

Safe and Eco-friendly

A clean environment thoroughly helps reduce someone’s stress level. It’s a fact. We cannot argue that your surroundings contribute to your current mood which is why having a clean space is important. 

While the professional cleaners clean your house, you can sit back and relax. You have less worry about the outcome of their work as they are professionally trained to clean consistently, thoroughly, and effectively.

Enhances Your Image

Your home is a mirror to how you live your life. And having a clean home means that you’re in a state where you have fewer worries to think of.

When you hire cleaners to clean your house, you have the consistency of enjoying clean and comfortable surroundings without lifting a finger.

Should I go for a weekly or monthly cleaning service?

It can be a trick question. And the truth is both are equally and effectively important. If possible you should choose both. But we understand that there are factors you might want to consider.

The best way to approach this is to determine which you need first the most. Another option is for you to have your own checklist on the parts of your home that need immediate cleaning attention.

In the meantime, you can read our other blog posts which would help you decide on how to keep your house clean.

Once you have made up your mind and are ready to book a cleaning service, you can always contact us. My Marvelous Maids have a highly skilled professional team who can take care of cleaning your home effectively. We are serving in Aurora, IL, and its surrounding areas.

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